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Beauty and the Beast musical, a Broadway production that hit the theater in 1994 and closed in 2007 after 5,464 performances was the seventh longest running Broadway production and interestingly it remains at the 7th spot even after the original production has been closed. The hit musical is based on a 1991 film of the same name by Disney that is also based on a traditional fairy tale of the same name. Though the Beauty and the Beastís original musical production has been closed 3 years back but professional and amateur companies perform the musical under the licensing of the Disney. The musical production that centers on the importance love in human life is the first choice for musical productions by high schools.
Beauty and the Beast musical tell the story of Beauty and the Beast where beauty refers to Women and beast refers to men who prefer beauty over love. The story of the musical revolves around a beautiful lady Belle who voluntarily accepts to live in the custody of a Beast in his lavish castle in place of her merchant father. Beast, once a human being and a prince was turned into a beast by a fairy and only a true love can bring him back into the normal human being. The story moves forward and the Belle falls in love with the beast that returns him back into a human being and they live happily ever after. Beauty and the Beast is a musical play for the whole family and in known for its costumes and soul deep songs.
The award winning Beauty and the Beast is performed in United States through various theaters and by the local youth talent. The super hit musical will hit the Spotlight Youth Theatre, Glendale, CA on January 21 and will run through February 13, 2011. The creative team of the original Beauty and the Beast production on Broadway is reuniting for the musical show at the Fox Theatre from January 12 through January 16. Director Rob Roth, costume designer Ann Hould-Ward, scenic designer Stan Meyer and writer of both the Disney screenplay and the Broadway stage script Linda Woolverton are from the original creative team that will debut at the Fox Theater today giving the junior team a chance to learn what made the original Beauty and the Beast musical so popular among audience.
Through Disney has quit presenting the Beauty and the Beast musical but it did not forget it and Disney Studios will release the Beast and Beauty in Blu-ray 3D in 2011 along with other musical like "The Lion King". Buy cheap Beauty and the Beast tickets to enjoy the shows live with your family and friends.


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