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No one even the producers of Toy Story 3 musical might imagine that their new visual art masterpiece would get so much appreciation and will be a huge success. Though Disney On Ice: Toy Story 3 was not the first musical presented by Disney on Ice but its uniqueness lies in some of the breathtaking movements that its charters perform on ice. The family musical features the adventurous scenes of Buzz Lightyear defeating the Evil Emperor Zurg and Woody's Roundup from the movie Toy Story 2 and the action package The Claw game from the original movie Toy Story. The Disney On Ice: Toy Story 3 is full of fun, emotions and adventure that is presented so beautifully on ice that even critics find it hard to point out flaws regarding any aspect of the musical from marvelous performances to the high technical effects to the amazing ice skating movements.
The Disney On Ice: Toy Story 3 musical features main Toy Story character including Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Barbie and Ken among others. The musical starts with the teenage real life character Andy excited to start his new college life but at the same time had to take the tough decision of deciding the fate of his childhood toys. The musical incorporates the romantic touch from the love that prevails between Ken and Barbie. All the performers of the musical are energetic skaters who dance smoothly on the colorful ice floor.
The producers and creators of the Toy Story 3 musical when decided to put the 2010 blockbuster animated movie of the same name on ice, the biggest challenge for them was to bring the best ice skaters, skating choreographers and other technical staff at one platform. But once they managed to get them on hand there was no look back and musical took the popularity of Disney characters to new heights.
The Disney On Ice: Toy Story 3, the highly technology driven musical is currently running at Allstate Arena, Illinois, where it will run through January 30 before it heads up to Chicago for performances at United Center that will run through February 2-February 13. The Disney production that ranked number nine in the top theatrical productions during the week ended on January 23 will arrive at the Columbus, GA on May 12 and will run through May 15, and then Disney team will show up at the Tampa, FL to run from May 19 through May 22. Buy cheap Disney on Ice tickets to enjoy kid show like in theater.


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